About Us

Who We Are

About The Company

Doly & Co is a London-based commodity trading company that focuses on exporting and importing goods worldwide, with a strong expertise in documentary credit that will ensure every transaction completes flawlessly.

We oversee every step, employing our proven international trading processes, fast and effective communication and expert document handling to avoid any unnecessary time delays or costly discrepancy and non-compliance issues.

Within twenty years, the world’s energy consumption will have risen by a third, and requirements for metals will be nearly twice as high. To keep up with the constantly growing demands, we are creating a more efficient trading environment to enable market transactions to be completed in the smoothest, most effective way possible.

We rigidly follow the globally accepted rules of the International Chamber of Commerce, and work hard to implement our strict policies on unfair trade practices and opportunism, helping to build trust among all market participants.

Our Process

Time Saving

In the competitive and confusing internet environment, we can save time and costs spent searching for agents, brokers and companies to handle the various tasks. We can provide everything you need.

Effective Communication

In line with Incoterms 2010 and UCP 600 procedures, our practices are simple and efficient. We ensure only the relevant documents are quickly managed and exchanged, speeding up the whole import/export process.

Careful Documentation

Approximately 70% of Letter of Credit presentations are rejected for discrepancies, and countless other document inaccuracies can hold up international shipments. We carefully handle all relevant paperwork to ensure there is no delay and all credit terms are met.